Subminiature distance sensor FT 10-RLA for precise measurement tasks
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Dear Sir or Madam,
This sensor fits into even the tiniest of gaps:
In the size of a sugar cube, the laser distance sensor FT 10-RLA is ideally suited to challenging measuring tasks, for example completeness checks in the electronics manufacturing or robotics sectors.
In this newsletter, we will be presenting the smallest member of our distance sensor family.
Happy reading!
The SensoPart editorial team
When space is tight
Lack of space is a common occurrence in the automation sector in which every millimetre counts.
Whether used in robotics, e.g. for distance measurement on the gripper, in electronics manufacturing, e.g. for the detection of double circuit board layers or checking the height of components, or in mounting and handling technology, e.g. for inspecting assembly precision – there is always room for FT 10-RLA, the world’s smallest optical sensor.
The smallest of its kind
Reduced to the smallest possible size and weight – measuring just 21.1 x 14.6 x 8 mm and only approximately 10 g – our new laser distance sensor is the smallest of its kind. Despite a subminiature design, it has excellent sensor capacities with particularly exceptional linearity and repeatability. The measuring range extends from 10 to 70 mm. Its unique sharp rectangular light spot guarantees reliable small part detection, as well as maximum safety (Laser class 1).
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